Monday, March 22, 2010

Album to write to award 2009: Geneva, Russian Circles (2009)

Last year, apparently like many other like minded people in their mid-twenties, I decided it was high time I went back to school. After work I spent between 5pm and 11pm working on graduate school applications. As you might imagine, I listened to many albums and spend hour upon hour using Pandora and Grooveshark. Pandora for when I didn't want to choose/wanted to be suprised, and Grooveshark in order to create my own graduate school application play list. (side note: if any of you aren't yet Pandora AND Grooveshark users, get on it now)

After hours of listening, writing, and deliberating....I am ready to crown the album Geneva by Russian Circles the Album to Write to in 2009.

This albums is a post-rock picnic-- but what other bands don't even achieve with 20 people, Circles does with 3 permanent members. The trio from Chicago has released what is doubtless its best album yet-- gritty, beautiful, urgent, melodic, overcast, gusty, and harsh. Listening to this album makes me want to call up Mike Sullivan, Brian Cook, and Dave Turncrantz myself to thank them for getting through the unusually chilly autumn we had in Florida last year.

My favorite song on the album is Malko. Click to listen.

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