Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things to be Thankful for on a Thundering Thursday

MP3 Offering:
Russian Circles - Malko

1. Alliteration has to be one of them. I am not sure whether Dr. Suess has anything to do with this effect, but I am not acquainted with a single person who wouldn't respond well on some level to a good alliteration.

2. José Gonzalez, in general. Applying to schools lately, this has been "the jam."

3. Small Leaks Sink Ships

The truth of this, and the band, are both equally excellent.

4. Tody Castillo- Not That Kind of Girl

"I know you're not that kind of girl to hang around, and put up with this.
and you know I'm not that kind of boy, to fool around, to get over you."

can't find an mp3 anywhere. Come on, hype machine!

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