Friday, May 29, 2009

¡Rules for Controversy?



Conflict is both a normal and expected ingredient in any relationship that brings people together and engages them at the level of their significant values and needs.

It is more often a sign of a relationship/community's health than it is a symptom of a root problem. The presence of conflict among us most often indicates that we are involved in something that we feel to be significant-- significant enough to generate the passion, disturbance, and/or tensions we are feeling/imagining. Thus, it marks a relationship of some force. This energy is meaningful, demonstrative, and can be productive.

Relationships/communities in which there exists nothing important enough to fight about are more likely to die than are groups in which some dissension occurs. Indifference is a greater enemy of solidarity and love than conflict.


Hey Mama Wolf- Devendra Banhart

¡Rules for Controversy?

to be continued.

[the phone rang. ]

the phone rings

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